Creating Youtube Videos Using Window Movie Maker

You can make basic videos by simply using Windows Movie Maker. I’m not going to discuss how to make videos as there are hundreds if not thousands of Window Movie Maker tutorials online. Simply use Google to find the tutorials and practise making videos. It is a very simple process!

Including Key Phrases

There are some important details you must include in your videos to give them a shot of generating decent traffic.

  1. Key Phrase(s) MUST be included in the video file name
  2. Key Phrase(s) MUST be included in the video title
  3. Key Phrase(3) must be included in the video description
  4. Key Phrase(s) must to included in the video tags.
  5. Stuff as many relevant key phrases in the tags as possible.

For example in my Jamie Jungers video the file is actually called “Jamie Jungers Pictures, Tiger Woods 4th Mistress.

This title uses the key phrases:

Jamie Jungers

Jamie Jungers Pictures

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods 4th Mistress

Using multiple popular key phrases ensures the video gets good traffic.

It is also a good idea to include your site url in the first part of the description such as then next use the video title.

Multiple Youtube Accounts

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! It is a good idea to have several Youtube accounts just in case you have one account banned as Youtube sometimes ban affiliate accounts.

For long term results you can make videos featuring your site and use press releases of jackpot wins etc.

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