One of the biggest factors that in the long term that will decide if you will become a successful affiliate is your initial idea for your site. Again I will say don’t rush into selecting the niche of your site. Take your time! There are thousands of poker bonus sites, thousands of poker rakeback sites, thousands of casino bonus sites plus of course the same can be said for bingo sites. As I have discussed in other articles there are many new emerging markets in the online gambling world plus there are still many sub niches that have not had the attention they deserve.

Take at least a few days to think about the niche of your site. Don’t be afraid to extend the “brainstorming” time to even a couple of weeks if you are not 100% sure. Before moving on to purchasing a domain make sure you do the following.

Check how many existing sites are targeting your idea.

Can you create content better than existing sites targeting your preferred niche?

Are you positive you can monetise your chosen niche?

Do you have enough knowledge to write 2 articles daily about the niche? Prove this to yourself by writing down at least 100 possible article titles.

Read the List Building article. I would strongly suggest you start listing building from the very day you launch your site. Decide on a “hook” you can use for list building?

Research affiliate programs relating to your chosen niche.

Decide which programs you will promote.

Check if the program has a negative carry over policy.

Read the program’s terms and conditions.

Research how well the program is marketed.

Many gambling affiliate have built sites which in hindsight were a mistake.  These mistakes were due to inadequate research or targeting a niche which was simply too competitive. For Gambling Cash Cow I was able to scribble down 100 potential article titles in less than an hour. I also noted that there were very few sites that went into great detail in regards to building a gambling affiliate site, especially targeting those new to this industry.

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