Generating traffic for gambling sites is not easy. Through standard SEO techniques it can takes you months to gain decent rankings to gain traffic. I still believe that link building should be your main focus simply because once you get decent rankings for your key phrases you will receive streams of highly targeted traffic which you can easily convert into real money players.

There are ways though in which you can generate traffic in just a few hours rather than months!

This article will teach you how to generate traffic using video sites such as YouTube plus dozens of other video sites. Don’t worry if you don’t own a video camera or other expensive audio / video equipment as you don’t even need them.

Who Are Your Targeted Visitors?

Many make the mistake of driving traffic to their site which is not targeted traffic. A good analogy is to imagine you have an online UK florist website which offers next day delivery of flowers throughout the UK. There is no point in getting thousands of American visitors as you only sell to UK residents. You might get thousands of unique visitors from countries outside the UK but these will never convert into sales.

Firstly think about whom are your target viewers? Let’s imagine we have a UK bingo site. Most online bingo sites DO NOT accept sign ups from American players due to the Safe Port Act. This may well change next year but for now American traffic is of no use to us. This also applies to most UK poker, casino and sports betting sites.

Getting back to our bingo site it is a fact that far more woman play bingo than men. So for our bingo site our targeted traffic should be UK & European women. Let’s now think about what sort of videos our targeted traffic will be interested in watching. Of course targeting most sporting videos is going to be a waste of time. For example creating a video about MUFC is not going to bring in floods of women visitors.

So what videos would be good for attracting UK & European women to our sites? A simply way to research hot women topics is simply to use Google to search for online women magazines, UK newspapers such as The Sun And Daily Mirror.  In most cases these sites are updated either daily or weekly and will not only give you ideas for current news items but hundreds of other ideas and topics that women are searching for online.

Also use TV for your research! What TV programs have an online bingo site as a sponsor? It costs a small fortune to either sponsor a prime TV show or to have a TV ad appear during the break for commercials of a prime time TV show. Bingo sites would simply not do this if the TV ad was not attracting real money players. If a prime time TV show is sponsored by an online bingo site then it is fair to say a popular YouTube video about the TV show will be attracting your target audience. Simply to prove how this works let me tell you about a simple video I created. A few months ago Robbie Williams appeared on stage with the group Take That.  I spent around 5 minutes creating a very basic video

I simply played on the fact that Robbie Williams had been on the same stage as Take That creating the headline “Robbie Back With Take That” I knew this video would only attract traffic for a day or two at most as the story would quickly die. Let’s look at the stats for this video.

From the traffic 150 to 200 visitors came to my site with 2 of these becoming real money players. Even though the video was to say the least basic it did the job! The video simply comprised of a picture of Robbie Williams on stage with members of the Group “Take That” with a caption stating that the full story was at I made the video in less than 5 minutes!

Create Videos – Hot Current News Topics

Perhaps one of the best ways to generate instant traffic is to create videos for hot daily news stories. Many now use YouTube to find videos of the latest gossip and news. Also Google pulls many videos from YouTube and places them on its first page for many search terms especially current news.

To prove how this works let’s discuss another one of my videos.

This video was the first to break the story about Tiger Woods 4th Mistress Jamie Jungers. If you look at the number of views you will see that it was very popular.

This was just a test to see if I could compete with the YouTube regulars and obtain a high ranking for a current news story.

As you can see from the above this video is highly ranked for the search term “Jamie Jungers Pictures” plus other key phrases in YouTube.

Another of my video simply covers the story that Lady Gaga performed at the Royal Variety Show at Blackpool. To entice viewers to watch the video I was a little creative with the video title.

This video alone increased my daily traffic by over 50% and daily signups by 40%!

Using Google Trends To Find Out What’s Hot!

So how did I find out about Jamie Jungers before anybody else so I was able to break the story on YouTube? Easy! Let me show you how!

Google has a great trend site which most of the time is updated every 20 minutes. This site shows you the top 40 searches.  Let’s take a look.

Simply go to:

Then click on “more hot searches”

You will now see the current top 40 search terms.

These are updated every 20 minutes in most cases.  Simply find a good search phrase that relates to your targeted traffic and quickly make a video and load it onto YouTube.

Lets finish off with another one of my videos. This was a video I made to attract poker traffic and was made using a photo of Brian Hastings plus free software that animates the mouth.

This video took around 10 minutes to make and generate around 6K views per month with no effort.

The video below did not really take off but you simply can’t get it right all the time.

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