how to optimise images for search enginesAre your images optimised for search engines? Are your images aiding your on page SEO? Many affiliates spend a great deal of time optimising their articles but neglect their images. Images that are correctly targeted to search engines can be a great aid in boosting the actual on-page SEO.

Image Quality

Make sure that the images you post on your site are of high quality. Don’t copy images from Google which is simply what most affiliate actually do.  When possible make your own images. I see the same screenshots of gambling sites on dozens of affiliate websites. Be unique! Create your own. You don’t need any Photoshop skills to create quality screenshots, as sites such as Thumbalizr completely automate this task, which enables you to create quality screenshots to size in seconds.

Image Freshness

Gambling operator websites update frequently. Ensure you take the time to update your screenshots.

Image File Name

Ensure that the actual file name of your article images, includes the main key words your page is targeting.  For example an image of the Poker Stars website, on a page targeting the key phrase “poker stars bonus” could be renamed to pokerstarsbonus.jpg.

Image Title

The image title again should contain your main key phrase. Many browsers show the image title tag when you hover your mouse pointer over an image


Image Alt Tag

The Alt text of a web image is designed so you can give your image additional information for users who have for some reason (possible limited bandwidth) chosen not to display  images in their browsers . Make sure that the image alt tag also contains the main key phrase you’re targeting. Many affiliates leave the image alt tags blank, which of course is a big mistake.

Many affiliates do not optimise their images which results in the code below.

<img src=’images/pic001.jpg’ title=’’ alt=’’>

Far better for search engines to improve on-page SEO should of course be:

<img src=’images/pokerstarsbonus_scr.jpg’ title=’Poker Stars Bonus’ alt=’Poker Stars Bonus’>

Optimised images will improve your on page SEO which could well improve your rankings! Are your images optimised?

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