How Does Google Define Authority Sites?

If you have read the Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines, then you will have noticed time and time again, as in other Google documents, the term “authoritive site” is used. Many have been saying for some time, myself included, that authority sites have far more power to rank in Google and indeed in other search engines. How though does Google define authority type sites? What metrics does Google use?

What are your thoughts on the metrics used by Google to class some sites as authority type sites?

Maybe some of the following are used?

  • Number of pages of a set value (useful and perhaps vital pages)
  • Brand (site name) type in traffic
  • New pages added each day or week
  • Low bounce rate
  • High CTR
  • High time spent on site

Google must use metrics to define when a site in effect becomes an authority type site. What are your thoughts?

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