Yesterday I posted about what Google defines as vital queries. Google makes it very clear that only the “best of the best” authority type sites, such as the BBC and New York Time should have pages that respond to this queries (vital pages). Therefor for example, the official Madonna website will always out rank unofficial websites for vital search queries such as “Madonna”.  Google also states:

The Vital rating is used for these very special situations:

1) The dominant interpretation of the query is navigation, and the landing page is the target of the navigation query.

2) The dominant interpretation of the query is an entity (such as a person, place, business, restaurant, product, company, organization, etc.), and the landing page is the official webpage associated with that entity.

Can we though as affiliates create authority type sites that in turn create their own vital queries? And if so, create vital pages for our sites?  If we take an honest look at affiliate sites then is it very clear that very few look like official businesses or indeed organisations. I strongly believe that affiliates should now forget about “thin” type affiliate sites, although I will discuss this in later posts, and instead create big authority type sites, with a quality brand image.

Look at the big brand type sites that seem to be dominating the major gambling search queries. These sites are indeed big authority type sites that we can class as businesses and indeed organisations.  What do you think would be better for profit in the current Google climate? A network of let’s say of 20 thin type sites or just a single site with a good business brand image? I will be honest and say I have seen the benefits of building such sites although I do realise many affiliates prefer the easier option. We all know the value of links on vital pages or bloody should do by now! We also know the value of links on lesser authority sites. Remember I have been saying for some time that authority type sites are ranking for popular search queries from just internal links alone? There is no doubt in my mind that big brand type sites have more power than ever before, so affiliates should adapt rather than wasting their time on throwing thousands of links at thing type affiliate sites.

Moving on from vital pages and search queries, let’s take a look at what Google describes as “useful pages” the next highest ranked pages.

Google states:

A rating of Useful is assigned to pages that are very helpful for most users. Useful pages should be high quality and a good “fit” for the query. In addition, they often have some or all of the following characteristics: highly satisfying, authoritative, entertaining, and/or recent (such as breaking news on a topic).

Useful pages are usually well organized and pages you trust. They are from information sources that seem reliable. Useful information pages are not “spammy”.

In my next post I’m going to discuss “useful pages” in far more detail, but for now let’s pick out important aspects of Google’s statement, in regards to this classification. Most affiliates create sites then sit back and simply build links. Let’s be honest, many gambling affiliates have not updated their sales pages / site review pages for months or even years in some cases. Most gambling site reviews are basically the same with very few affiliates “going the extra mile” to update their pages with the latest news relating to the promoted site, with many being sadly out of date. Most site review pages are far from authoritive with many crammed with sign up links. I know from just referring to Google’s classification of “useful pages” that most affiliates could make their sales pages far better. Now is the time to do so!

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