how to optimise images for search enginesAre your images optimised for search engines? Are your images aiding your on page SEO? Many affiliates spend a great deal of time optimising their articles but neglect their images. Images that are correctly targeted to search engines can be a great aid in boosting the actual on-page SEO.

Image Quality

Make sure that the images you post on your site are of high quality. Don’t copy images from Google which is simply what most affiliate actually do.  When possible make your own images. I see the same screenshots of gambling sites on dozens of affiliate websites. Be unique! Create your own. You don’t need any Photoshop skills to create quality screenshots, as sites such as Thumbalizr completely automate this task, which enables you to create quality screenshots to size in seconds.

Image Freshness

Gambling operator websites update frequently. Ensure you take the time to update your screenshots.

Image File Name

Ensure that the actual file name of your article images, includes the main key words your page is targeting.  For example an image of the Poker Stars website, on a page targeting the key phrase “poker stars bonus” could be renamed to pokerstarsbonus.jpg.

Image Title

The image title again should contain your main key phrase. Many browsers show the image title tag when you hover your mouse pointer over an image


Image Alt Tag

The Alt text of a web image is designed so you can give your image additional information for users who have for some reason (possible limited bandwidth) chosen not to display  images in their browsers . Make sure that the image alt tag also contains the main key phrase you’re targeting. Many affiliates leave the image alt tags blank, which of course is a big mistake.

Many affiliates do not optimise their images which results in the code below.

<img src=’images/pic001.jpg’ title=’’ alt=’’>

Far better for search engines to improve on-page SEO should of course be:

<img src=’images/pokerstarsbonus_scr.jpg’ title=’Poker Stars Bonus’ alt=’Poker Stars Bonus’>

Optimised images will improve your on page SEO which could well improve your rankings! Are your images optimised?

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If you browse through any affiliate or webmaster forum where exact match domain names are for sale you will find that many will also state the exact match search volume.. How useful is this data? If an exact match domain has an estimated search volume of 10,000, how much traffic could be expect if we ranked 1st Position in Google for the search phrase? Ask 12 different domain sellers this question; you will get perhaps 12 different answers.

Up until 2006 there was not much solid data to help to us analyse search volume results. During 2006, AOL leaked information on more than 9 million searches that generated fewer than 5 million clicks. Members of Earners Forum spent a great deal of time and effort analysing the data and later published ground breaking results. For some reason the AOL data leak is not mentioned on many SEO or Webmaster forums. This amazes me as the work done by members of the Earners Forum is of benefit to us all.

The first thing that struck me about the results was the percentage of actual clicks to searches. Out of 9,038,794 searches there were only 4,926,624 clicks. From this data we can say that from a given search we should only expect 54.5% of the search volume to generate clicks. So if an exact match domain has an estimated search volume of 10K we should expect 5450 clicks (10,000 * 0.545) from organic search results in total from all positions. We know that a site ranked 1st for the search phrases will generate more clicks than a site ranked 7th, but how much more?  Well let’s simply use the AOL data to take a look at the clicks received for the top 10 positions.

AOL Leaked Click Data

Position 1: 2,075,765 clicks (42.13% of clicks)
Position 2: 586,100 clicks (11.9% of clicks)
Position 3: 418,643 clicks (8.5% of clicks)
Position 4: 298,532 clicks (6.1% of clicks)
Position 5: 242,169 clicks (4.92% of clicks)
Position 6: 199,541 clicks (4.05% of clicks)
Position 7: 168,080 clicks (3.41% of clicks)
Position 8: 148,489 clicks (3.01% of clicks)
Position 9: 140,356 clicks (2.85% of clicks)
Position 10: 147,551 clicks (2.99% of clicks)

The total of clicks for position 11 and greater in total was 501.397 (10.18%)

Using the data above you can now get a much better understanding of expected traffic from any key phrases using the Google Adwords External Tool. Going back to our expected 10,000 search volume let say we are confident we can rank 1st position.

The expected traffic we could expect could be calculated as below.

Expected Clicks (traffic)  = (10,000 * 0.545) = 5450

Expect traffic for 1st position = 42.13%

(5450 * 0.4213) = 2296 monthly visitors

For 3rd position we could only expect 8.5%

(5450 * 0.085) = 463 monthly visitors

The above explains why many are disappointed by the search volume generated from exact match domains.

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I would say that over 90% of those who seek to build links with blog comments do so working on WordPress blogs. It is now very difficult to find quality WordPress blogs to comment on.

I’m going to help you with this task and make it very easy for you to find quality blogs to comment on, of which many will have page rank.

WordPress is the leading blog software but there are many other platforms and this is something that most forget. Let’s start with BlogEngine.

Type the following into Google to find thousands of blogs awaiting your comments! “Powered by BlogEngine.NET”

You can use other domains as shown below! “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” “Powered by BlogEngine.NET”

Don’t abuse this! Simply spend a few hours searching for quality blogs that relate to your niche then write a quality comment. Remember long term spammers don’t prosper!

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There are many ways to build links to your site and of course if you have a decent site you should gain links naturally. The trouble is the gambling affiliate niche is very competitive plus of course profitable so to rank for competitive key phrases you are going to need some form of link building plan.

Many build links blindly whilst other wrongly believe that they should only acquire links with a decent page rank. If you intend to build links then you should set out to acquire links from many different types of site so you end up with a good back link profile.

Let’s start of by being honest about the process of link building. Many methods of link building are against the terms set by Google. For instance any site caught selling links runs the risk of losing page rank and perhaps even rankings.  For some reason Google seems more likely to penalise links sellers than buyers. Many of the sites with great rankings for extremely competitive key phrases have in effect purchased their rankings by buying links.

Let’s look at ways you can build your back link profile.

Get Your Cheque Book Out

Perhaps the most effective way is to simply buy links on quality sites. Yes of course this does have it dangers but let’s be honest that many with successful sites do this.


I know many class directory links as low value links but this simply is not the case with quality established niche directories. I make sure my sites have at least a good few links from quality directories that have been established for at least a couple of years.

Article Directories

I believe Article Directory links have less power than perhaps a year ago. A good article though can generate traffic plus a decent click through rate.

Blog Comments

I’m not at all keen on blog comments as most blog comment links have little value plus are blatant spamming.  I do though like to add a few quality blog comments as part of my back link profile.

YouTube Videos

I believe YouTube can not only be a great source of back links but also a great source of traffic. I have a couple of sites that seem to have picked up decent PR with ONLY YouTube links.

Blogs Network

There are many sites such as WordPress & Blogger that offer a free blog hosting service. If you build a free blog network with quality articles including links to your site you will help your rankings. Don’t though use these free services to post spammy articles as you will damage your site’s rankings.

Mini Sites

Build quality mini sites that link to your main site. Again don’t build spam sites! If you take the time to quality build mini sites then these sites will become earning sites plus of course increase the ranking of your main site.

There are many other ways to increase you back link profile which we will discuss in later posts. I will say though, don’t take short cuts creating links with spam. Spamming may help your short term rankings but in the long term will in 99% of cases damage your site.

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Buying Links On YouTube Videos

I’m surprised that many SEO specialists have not even thought about buying links on YouTube videos. Most YouTube users simply create videos for fun so they don’t understand that their video traffic has a value. Online video sites are booming! Popular videos can attract millions of unique visitors! Before making an offer to buy a link on a video you need to ensure that the video is still getting decent daily traffic. In many cases you may find a video that relates to your niche with a great number of views which may seem ideal. The views could have been generated in the past and for all you know the video may no longer be generating daily views.

The simplest way to ensure the video is still getting views is to simply make a note of the numbers of views at a set time each day. Doing this for a week should give a good understanding of the daily views the video attract. Another way of tracking the video traffic in more detail is to use a service such a Trendrr is free and is a “must use” site for tracking Youtube views. Simply create an account, enter the url of the Youtube video you want to track plus copy and paste all the tags of the video. That’s all you need to do! Easy as 123!

Calculate How Much A Youtube Link Is Worth

So you find a good Youtube video that you know generates views for your target niche. Let’s say you have been tracking the views of the video both manually and by using TrendRR. What next? How do you calculate a value for a monthly link on this video.?

Lets say the tracked video generates 10,000 uniques per month as our tracking has shown that the video generates 2500 visitors per week. Most viewers of the video WILL NOT click the link so I always prefer to work on a modest click rate of 1 in a 100. For 10,000 views working on our projected click rate we estimate 100 clicks per month. Remember it is always best to underestimate the number of projected clicks. To get some idea of how much each click is worth we will say that we are dealing with a video that displays an online bingo win. It is fair to say that this video is attracting good traffic for the term “online bingo”.

How Much Is Each Click Worth?

To get a good idea of how much each click is worth:

Firstly go to this site

In the “Enter Keywords” box enter:

Online bingo

In the “Daily Budget” box simply enter 100.

In the Available Countries and Territories enter your specified country e.g. United Kingdom.

Then click ADD to move the country to the right hand side box.

Now click continue.

Form the above we can see that for the search phrase “online bingo” we would expect to pay $1.44 to $1.96 per click. Lets average these figures so we get $1.70 per click. So for 100 clicks we would expect to pay 100 X $1.70 = $170.00 it we ran a Google adwords campaign. Of course though we don’t want to pay $170 and we have a great advantage over the owner of the Youtube video owner as he / she will in most cases not know how to value their video traffic.

Make An Offer To Purchase A Link

To contact the video owner simply click the video owners user name to the upper right of the video as below.

Scroll down the users profile page and click “send message” as below.

One tip I will give you is do not ask to buy a link. Try something like I have used below.

If they accept then you will have secured quality targeted traffic at a fraction of the cost of a Google Adwords campaign. Starting with a low donation figure gives you plenty of scope to barter if the video owner wants a bigger monthly donation.

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Creating Youtube Videos Using Window Movie Maker

You can make basic videos by simply using Windows Movie Maker. I’m not going to discuss how to make videos as there are hundreds if not thousands of Window Movie Maker tutorials online. Simply use Google to find the tutorials and practise making videos. It is a very simple process!

Including Key Phrases

There are some important details you must include in your videos to give them a shot of generating decent traffic.

  1. Key Phrase(s) MUST be included in the video file name
  2. Key Phrase(s) MUST be included in the video title
  3. Key Phrase(3) must be included in the video description
  4. Key Phrase(s) must to included in the video tags.
  5. Stuff as many relevant key phrases in the tags as possible.

For example in my Jamie Jungers video the file is actually called “Jamie Jungers Pictures, Tiger Woods 4th Mistress.

This title uses the key phrases:

Jamie Jungers

Jamie Jungers Pictures

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods 4th Mistress

Using multiple popular key phrases ensures the video gets good traffic.

It is also a good idea to include your site url in the first part of the description such as then next use the video title.

Multiple Youtube Accounts

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! It is a good idea to have several Youtube accounts just in case you have one account banned as Youtube sometimes ban affiliate accounts.

For long term results you can make videos featuring your site and use press releases of jackpot wins etc.

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Generating traffic for gambling sites is not easy. Through standard SEO techniques it can takes you months to gain decent rankings to gain traffic. I still believe that link building should be your main focus simply because once you get decent rankings for your key phrases you will receive streams of highly targeted traffic which you can easily convert into real money players.

There are ways though in which you can generate traffic in just a few hours rather than months!

This article will teach you how to generate traffic using video sites such as YouTube plus dozens of other video sites. Don’t worry if you don’t own a video camera or other expensive audio / video equipment as you don’t even need them.

Who Are Your Targeted Visitors?

Many make the mistake of driving traffic to their site which is not targeted traffic. A good analogy is to imagine you have an online UK florist website which offers next day delivery of flowers throughout the UK. There is no point in getting thousands of American visitors as you only sell to UK residents. You might get thousands of unique visitors from countries outside the UK but these will never convert into sales.

Firstly think about whom are your target viewers? Let’s imagine we have a UK bingo site. Most online bingo sites DO NOT accept sign ups from American players due to the Safe Port Act. This may well change next year but for now American traffic is of no use to us. This also applies to most UK poker, casino and sports betting sites.

Getting back to our bingo site it is a fact that far more woman play bingo than men. So for our bingo site our targeted traffic should be UK & European women. Let’s now think about what sort of videos our targeted traffic will be interested in watching. Of course targeting most sporting videos is going to be a waste of time. For example creating a video about MUFC is not going to bring in floods of women visitors.

So what videos would be good for attracting UK & European women to our sites? A simply way to research hot women topics is simply to use Google to search for online women magazines, UK newspapers such as The Sun And Daily Mirror.  In most cases these sites are updated either daily or weekly and will not only give you ideas for current news items but hundreds of other ideas and topics that women are searching for online.

Also use TV for your research! What TV programs have an online bingo site as a sponsor? It costs a small fortune to either sponsor a prime TV show or to have a TV ad appear during the break for commercials of a prime time TV show. Bingo sites would simply not do this if the TV ad was not attracting real money players. If a prime time TV show is sponsored by an online bingo site then it is fair to say a popular YouTube video about the TV show will be attracting your target audience. Simply to prove how this works let me tell you about a simple video I created. A few months ago Robbie Williams appeared on stage with the group Take That.  I spent around 5 minutes creating a very basic video

I simply played on the fact that Robbie Williams had been on the same stage as Take That creating the headline “Robbie Back With Take That” I knew this video would only attract traffic for a day or two at most as the story would quickly die. Let’s look at the stats for this video.

From the traffic 150 to 200 visitors came to my site with 2 of these becoming real money players. Even though the video was to say the least basic it did the job! The video simply comprised of a picture of Robbie Williams on stage with members of the Group “Take That” with a caption stating that the full story was at I made the video in less than 5 minutes!

Create Videos – Hot Current News Topics

Perhaps one of the best ways to generate instant traffic is to create videos for hot daily news stories. Many now use YouTube to find videos of the latest gossip and news. Also Google pulls many videos from YouTube and places them on its first page for many search terms especially current news.

To prove how this works let’s discuss another one of my videos.

This video was the first to break the story about Tiger Woods 4th Mistress Jamie Jungers. If you look at the number of views you will see that it was very popular.

This was just a test to see if I could compete with the YouTube regulars and obtain a high ranking for a current news story.

As you can see from the above this video is highly ranked for the search term “Jamie Jungers Pictures” plus other key phrases in YouTube.

Another of my video simply covers the story that Lady Gaga performed at the Royal Variety Show at Blackpool. To entice viewers to watch the video I was a little creative with the video title.

This video alone increased my daily traffic by over 50% and daily signups by 40%!

Using Google Trends To Find Out What’s Hot!

So how did I find out about Jamie Jungers before anybody else so I was able to break the story on YouTube? Easy! Let me show you how!

Google has a great trend site which most of the time is updated every 20 minutes. This site shows you the top 40 searches.  Let’s take a look.

Simply go to:

Then click on “more hot searches”

You will now see the current top 40 search terms.

These are updated every 20 minutes in most cases.  Simply find a good search phrase that relates to your targeted traffic and quickly make a video and load it onto YouTube.

Lets finish off with another one of my videos. This was a video I made to attract poker traffic and was made using a photo of Brian Hastings plus free software that animates the mouth.

This video took around 10 minutes to make and generate around 6K views per month with no effort.

The video below did not really take off but you simply can’t get it right all the time.

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Get Traffic & Sales From Your Articles

Do you spend hours writing quality articles only to find you get a burst of traffic when they go live but a few days later the traffic dries up? By simply making a few simple changes to your article writing, submission process and article promotion techniques you could dramatically improve your traffic and sales!

A good article can generate a thousand page views a month or in many cases much more. Most articles only generate a few hundred page views each year as most article writers do not have the techniques to make their articles a success.

Simply follow the techniques below and you should find that you get much more traffic and generate more sales from every article you write!

Article Title & Keywords

Most article writers simply think up a catchy title for their article and that is their entire technique for naming their article. This is a big mistake! Working this way you will get some traffic when your article goes live, which simply comes from the regular readers of the article site you have submitted to. I will though guarantee after at the most a week the traffic will dry up!

For your article to generate traffic for weeks, months or even years to come you are going to have to rank well in the search engines. The way to do this is to have good long tail keywords as your article title. Let me show you how you can do this.

Let’s image we are trying to sell a Clickbank product called “How To Build a Shed which simply is a product with several shed plans. Most article writers will write article with “How To Build a Shed” or “Shed Plans” in their article title and use these phrases as their main keywords.

Let’s type each phrase into Google and see if we can see either an Ezines or Article Base article for the first 10 search results for the above 2 keywords. As these keyphrases will be used by most affiliates it would be very difficult to get an article for these phrases in the first 10 search results so let’s move on.

Let’s use the free Word Tracker tool which gives us a daily search number for each phrase. Let’s simply type into Word Tracker “Shed Plans”.

One by one type each of the keyphrases into Google until you find either an Ezines or Article Base article in the top 10 results.

For the search phrase “Wood Shed Plans” we find an Ezines article in the top 10 search results. See below.

Let’s look at the article and see how many views it has had.

Nearly 1000 views in a month! This would be an ideal article title! Let’s look at the page source and see what keywords the article is using.

<meta content=”wood shed plans, shed plans, garden shed plans, storage shed plans”>

So if we simply use the same article title and just change it a little to perhaps even include other keywords such as …

Wood Shed Plans – Garden & Storage Shed Plans Essentials

Also look at the “most published” list as this will give you more ideas for article titles that rank well and get traffic. Try different phrases in Word Tracker so you can build a big list of article titles for you niche.

Why Not Use The Google Adwords External Tool?

You can use the Google Adwords External Tool instead of Word Tracker to find your keyphrases but I simply prefer the later as it gives you daily search figures. Many get confused with the Google Adwords External Tool and search using a broad match so they think they are using key phrases with big search volumes when the exact search volume is in fact low.

Writing Your Article

Both Ezines & Article Base accept articles that have at least 250 words. Always make sure your articles are less than 325 words and have plenty of impact.

Your article should start with your main keywords such as…

Wood shed plans are available online but beware all are not what they seem!

Make sure you add impact to the first sentence so that you capture the reader’s attention. Simply write about 3 to 5 important facts about the product. Do not though mention the product in your article.

Article Summary Box

Most article writers simply pluck a paragraph from their article and use this in the Article Summary Box. Again this is a mistake!

Make sure the Article Summary Box starts with your article title. This is essential! I prefer to use at least the first sentence of my article as this includes the article title and the killer leading line as this contains the punch to read the remainder of the article.

Article Resource Box

The main aim of writing an article is to get the readers to visit our site. Most article writers do not utilise the resource box in the write manner and have something like this…

Dave Henry has worked as a carpenter for over 20 years. Visit his site at

Do you think the above would entice the reader to visit his site? I think not. Remember we are trying  to get a high click through rate (CTR) so we need to really think about the resource box.

How about this content for the resource box?

You must try these superb wood shed plans as I believe they are the best available by far. Simply the best shed building plans online!

Obviously you would have links to the anchor text above (in bold).

Do you think the above resource box would entice readers to click the links? It still amazes me how many article writers are simply typing a basic bio in the resource box and simply letting potential traffic go down the drain!


How Many Articles Should You Write?

The more good quality articles with good titles and keywords you write, the more traffic and sales you will get. It’s as simple as that! Every week on affiliate forums I read post from marketers who are moaning that they have had no sales. I look at their Ezines profiles and find that they have written perhaps a dozen poor quality articles in 6 months. If you want to make money from article marketing then you are going to have to work at it! You should be writing several articles a day and not just one or two when you feel like it. The fact is those who make money from article marketing work hard. They write articles everyday using the techniques described in this eBook.

Even if you write 4 articles a day and these articles each generate 1 click per day then after a month that is over 100 visitors a day. Add to this that the more articles you write the more backlinks you will get so in time you will increase your search engine rankings.

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