Buying Links On YouTube Videos

I’m surprised that many SEO specialists have not even thought about buying links on YouTube videos. Most YouTube users simply create videos for fun so they don’t understand that their video traffic has a value. Online video sites are booming! Popular videos can attract millions of unique visitors! Before making an offer to buy a link on a video you need to ensure that the video is still getting decent daily traffic. In many cases you may find a video that relates to your niche with a great number of views which may seem ideal. The views could have been generated in the past and for all you know the video may no longer be generating daily views.

The simplest way to ensure the video is still getting views is to simply make a note of the numbers of views at a set time each day. Doing this for a week should give a good understanding of the daily views the video attract. Another way of tracking the video traffic in more detail is to use a service such a Trendrr is free and is a “must use” site for tracking Youtube views. Simply create an account, enter the url of the Youtube video you want to track plus copy and paste all the tags of the video. That’s all you need to do! Easy as 123!

Calculate How Much A Youtube Link Is Worth

So you find a good Youtube video that you know generates views for your target niche. Let’s say you have been tracking the views of the video both manually and by using TrendRR. What next? How do you calculate a value for a monthly link on this video.?

Lets say the tracked video generates 10,000 uniques per month as our tracking has shown that the video generates 2500 visitors per week. Most viewers of the video WILL NOT click the link so I always prefer to work on a modest click rate of 1 in a 100. For 10,000 views working on our projected click rate we estimate 100 clicks per month. Remember it is always best to underestimate the number of projected clicks. To get some idea of how much each click is worth we will say that we are dealing with a video that displays an online bingo win. It is fair to say that this video is attracting good traffic for the term “online bingo”.

How Much Is Each Click Worth?

To get a good idea of how much each click is worth:

Firstly go to this site

In the “Enter Keywords” box enter:

Online bingo

In the “Daily Budget” box simply enter 100.

In the Available Countries and Territories enter your specified country e.g. United Kingdom.

Then click ADD to move the country to the right hand side box.

Now click continue.

Form the above we can see that for the search phrase “online bingo” we would expect to pay $1.44 to $1.96 per click. Lets average these figures so we get $1.70 per click. So for 100 clicks we would expect to pay 100 X $1.70 = $170.00 it we ran a Google adwords campaign. Of course though we don’t want to pay $170 and we have a great advantage over the owner of the Youtube video owner as he / she will in most cases not know how to value their video traffic.

Make An Offer To Purchase A Link

To contact the video owner simply click the video owners user name to the upper right of the video as below.

Scroll down the users profile page and click “send message” as below.

One tip I will give you is do not ask to buy a link. Try something like I have used below.

If they accept then you will have secured quality targeted traffic at a fraction of the cost of a Google Adwords campaign. Starting with a low donation figure gives you plenty of scope to barter if the video owner wants a bigger monthly donation.

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