Part of your back link building program should include building blogs which of course you link to your main site. There are two ways to do this. The first is to host your own blog network whilst the second way is to use free blog hosting sites.

There are now dozens of sites such as that allow users to set up their own blog completely free. These free blog hosting sites can be a great way for you to build free links to your own sites at no cost. The key to using free blog hosts is to create quality blogs. Blogs created with crappy content littered with dozens of links of course will not help your rankings. Many of the free blog hosts also are not keen on gambling blogs so you will have to think out of the box a little.

For the purpose of this article lets imagine you have a sports betting affiliate site. You site mainly features UK football with daily content regarding targeting bets of the day. If you created blatent sports betting blogs on free blog hosts you will have an extremely high chance of having your free blog removed from the network. A better approach would be to create fans type site blogs. For instance you could create a blog about Liverpool FC updating it once per week with results, news and views. You could extend your network by creating the same sort of site for dozens of other UK football teams. Of course you are going to have to spend time each week to updating your blogs but as I have said in other articles if you are going to make it as an affiliate you are going to have to put the hours in.

When creating new blogs I prefer to leave blogs link free for at least a couple of weeks to gain trust with the free blog network. After a few weeks though I will slip in a crafty link. Again think about how you do this. Don’t write an abvious article which makes it clear to all you actually own the site you are linking to. Instead simply include a few lines in an article about a the team winning where you made a few quid as somebody told you about a great free bet offer at l com.

Remember don’t turn your free blogs into spam blogs! Add links sparingly! Also remember at the very least to update each blog at least bi-weekly as many free blog providers will remove blogs that are not updated.

To get you started I have included below a list of free blog providers. There are though many more. Remember don’t spam! ( ) (MSN Spaces )

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