As you should now realise back links are very important to us in regards to pushing our site up the ladder of Google search results. I like to check each of my sites backlines at least once a week to see how my back link profile is developing. So how do you check back links?

There are dozens of online back link checking sites online although they vary in quality immensely. No back link checking tool will show every back link pointing towards your site so I prefer to use more than one.

Yahoo Site Explorer Tool

I always prefer to start with the Yahoo Site Explorer. To check back links with Yahoo simply go to

Then in the search box type

Then simply click the inlinks tab.

You can even use the Yahoo Site Explorer to check links to internal pages by typing the following

Other Back Link Checkers

Other back link checkers you can use include: – One of my favourite back link checkers that gives results in PR order. – Includes anchor text & no follow data.

Back Links Take Time To Appear In Back Link Checkers!

The back links you build will not appear in back link checkers over night. From experience they can take from days to months. Also back links will not have an instant impact on your rankings. The back links you build today may not have any effect for  weeks or even months.

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