Get Traffic & Sales From Your Articles

Do you spend hours writing quality articles only to find you get a burst of traffic when they go live but a few days later the traffic dries up? By simply making a few simple changes to your article writing, submission process and article promotion techniques you could dramatically improve your traffic and sales!

A good article can generate a thousand page views a month or in many cases much more. Most articles only generate a few hundred page views each year as most article writers do not have the techniques to make their articles a success.

Simply follow the techniques below and you should find that you get much more traffic and generate more sales from every article you write!

Article Title & Keywords

Most article writers simply think up a catchy title for their article and that is their entire technique for naming their article. This is a big mistake! Working this way you will get some traffic when your article goes live, which simply comes from the regular readers of the article site you have submitted to. I will though guarantee after at the most a week the traffic will dry up!

For your article to generate traffic for weeks, months or even years to come you are going to have to rank well in the search engines. The way to do this is to have good long tail keywords as your article title. Let me show you how you can do this.

Let’s image we are trying to sell a Clickbank product called “How To Build a Shed which simply is a product with several shed plans. Most article writers will write article with “How To Build a Shed” or “Shed Plans” in their article title and use these phrases as their main keywords.

Let’s type each phrase into Google and see if we can see either an Ezines or Article Base article for the first 10 search results for the above 2 keywords. As these keyphrases will be used by most affiliates it would be very difficult to get an article for these phrases in the first 10 search results so let’s move on.

Let’s use the free Word Tracker tool which gives us a daily search number for each phrase. Let’s simply type into Word Tracker “Shed Plans”.

One by one type each of the keyphrases into Google until you find either an Ezines or Article Base article in the top 10 results.

For the search phrase “Wood Shed Plans” we find an Ezines article in the top 10 search results. See below.

Let’s look at the article and see how many views it has had.

Nearly 1000 views in a month! This would be an ideal article title! Let’s look at the page source and see what keywords the article is using.

<meta content=”wood shed plans, shed plans, garden shed plans, storage shed plans”>

So if we simply use the same article title and just change it a little to perhaps even include other keywords such as …

Wood Shed Plans – Garden & Storage Shed Plans Essentials

Also look at the “most published” list as this will give you more ideas for article titles that rank well and get traffic. Try different phrases in Word Tracker so you can build a big list of article titles for you niche.

Why Not Use The Google Adwords External Tool?

You can use the Google Adwords External Tool instead of Word Tracker to find your keyphrases but I simply prefer the later as it gives you daily search figures. Many get confused with the Google Adwords External Tool and search using a broad match so they think they are using key phrases with big search volumes when the exact search volume is in fact low.

Writing Your Article

Both Ezines & Article Base accept articles that have at least 250 words. Always make sure your articles are less than 325 words and have plenty of impact.

Your article should start with your main keywords such as…

Wood shed plans are available online but beware all are not what they seem!

Make sure you add impact to the first sentence so that you capture the reader’s attention. Simply write about 3 to 5 important facts about the product. Do not though mention the product in your article.

Article Summary Box

Most article writers simply pluck a paragraph from their article and use this in the Article Summary Box. Again this is a mistake!

Make sure the Article Summary Box starts with your article title. This is essential! I prefer to use at least the first sentence of my article as this includes the article title and the killer leading line as this contains the punch to read the remainder of the article.

Article Resource Box

The main aim of writing an article is to get the readers to visit our site. Most article writers do not utilise the resource box in the write manner and have something like this…

Dave Henry has worked as a carpenter for over 20 years. Visit his site at

Do you think the above would entice the reader to visit his site? I think not. Remember we are trying  to get a high click through rate (CTR) so we need to really think about the resource box.

How about this content for the resource box?

You must try these superb wood shed plans as I believe they are the best available by far. Simply the best shed building plans online!

Obviously you would have links to the anchor text above (in bold).

Do you think the above resource box would entice readers to click the links? It still amazes me how many article writers are simply typing a basic bio in the resource box and simply letting potential traffic go down the drain!


How Many Articles Should You Write?

The more good quality articles with good titles and keywords you write, the more traffic and sales you will get. It’s as simple as that! Every week on affiliate forums I read post from marketers who are moaning that they have had no sales. I look at their Ezines profiles and find that they have written perhaps a dozen poor quality articles in 6 months. If you want to make money from article marketing then you are going to have to work at it! You should be writing several articles a day and not just one or two when you feel like it. The fact is those who make money from article marketing work hard. They write articles everyday using the techniques described in this eBook.

Even if you write 4 articles a day and these articles each generate 1 click per day then after a month that is over 100 visitors a day. Add to this that the more articles you write the more backlinks you will get so in time you will increase your search engine rankings.

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